Terra X – One Day In New York 1882

Production companies: Cinevilla Films, Story House Picture, ZDF

The „Terra X“-series „A Day in…“ uses scientific findings to explore the everyday life of a person from a past era. Through dramatic reenactments, entertaining statistics and interviews with experts the documentary series shows what everyday life was like in the past.
New York, 1882. Georg Schmidt, a young German newly arrived in the United States, leaves behind him a Reich led by the iron fist of Chancellor Bismarck. He crossed the Atlantic with dreams of social ascension, like many of his fellow citizens. He was able to become a lawyer in three years, and now finds himself at the heart of an important trial involving gangs. His fiancée, who joined him after months of separation, has just arrived in this metropolis that has almost as many Germans as Berlin or Vienna. Arrested at the port after her luggage was found to contain stolen goods, she ended up in prison. The young lawyer then turns to the New York bandits, the only ones able to help him prove his beloved’s innocence.

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