Cockroaches in your head

Production companies: Cinevilla Films

The series is based on the motifs of Zane Zusta’s books “Cockroaches in my head” and “Cockroaches in your head”. The central character of the series is the psychotherapist Robert. The bachelor status completely satisfies him. Robert is afraid of a real relationship. Robert’s working days are spent in a private psychotherapy practice, listening to the life stories of various clients. Each of them longs to be heard just like a child, so they often try to manipulate Roberta, but Roberta’s task is to see the “cockroach” in the client’s head that interferes with their lives, and gently show it to them. Clients have the opportunity to leave the office with some important knowledge that can change their lives, but will they do it? Is getting rid of the “cockroach” profitable?

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