Pavilion 4 – Visitor Center

Housing the ticket booth, amenities, and an intriguing maze, this pavilion also features a special effects room with a green screen and an 80-seat cinema.

Ground floor

On the ground floor you’ll find the ticket counter, bathrooms, a labyrinth activity, special effects room with green screen, and a cinema showcasing short documentaries about Cinevilla's film projects.


10m (width) x 7m (length) x 3,7m (height);

Room 2: Movie Theatre

9,5m (width) x 10,5 m (length) x 9m (height)

Room 3

20m (length) x 9m (width) x 3,5m (height)

Room 4

Public access corridor with 4 bathrooms – 10m (length) x 1,5m (width)

Upper floor

The upper floor hosts costume exhibits and large photo galleries from the films Defenders of Riga and The Pagan King.

Room 5

10m (width) x 7m (length) x 3,7m (height)

Room 6

11m (width) x 15m (length)


Play Video about Helovīna Pasākums - Cinevillā 27.10-04.11.23