Studio backlot and production company was established in 2005.

During the past years 22 ha of 150 ha territory are build with various street settings from different centuries, pavilions, train platform, fragment of the river and other film sets. Several companies shot their movies since 2005 in Cinevilla – NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Japan), Story House Productions (Germany), The Directors (South Korea), Lemming Film (Netherlands) and others. 

To become a well organized infrastructure, in the studio backlot are build two hotels, stationary catering facilities, base-camp facilities, separate accommodation for construction crew, high power connection.

At the same time our production company is producing national movies and movies with high potential of distribution for international markets (f.e. UK, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine). 

Since 2018 we extended our business field and are also providing service production for international companies, which are looking for filming in Latvia. In very short time we realized already such famous TV formats like “Terra X” (for second German state TV channel ZDF) or “Everyday stories: Life in…” (for German state TV channel WDR – Westdeutscher Rundfunk).